Philosophy of Common Sense

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The Philosophy and Concept of Common Sense [Dip.Ph.]

1. The nature of Common Sense

2. The differences and similarities between Logic and Common Sense
[a] Introduction
[b] False Logic
[c] Arithmetic
[d] Grammar
[e] In the courtroom
[f] Common Sense trumps Logic in War
[g] Cause and Effect

3. Common Sense, Experts, Business and Celebrities
[a] Experts on experts and expertise
[b] Group expertise
[c] Celebrity fallacy in expertise
[d] Commercial expertise fallacy

4. How Common Sense has been acquired by us
[a] Watch and copy
[b] Classical Conditioning
[c] Operant Conditioning
[d] Family influence
[e] Inherited learning

5. The processes which alter and affect our ability
to apply Common Sense
[a] Reality Framing
[b] Our Mindset
[c] Mindset and False Perception
[d] Mindset and Strangeness
[e] Mindset and Déja Vue
[f] Photographic Memory effects
[g] Mindset and Bias
[h] Gender Bias
[i] Mindset and False Logic
[j] Bias in Probability and Coincidence
[k]Probability Analysis

Frequency Based
Posibility Based
Probability Argument
Subjective Estimation
Gamblers’ Fallacy
Conjunction Fallacy
Conditional Probability

[l] Having and Using Prejudices
[m] Political Correctness
[n] Law of Unintended Consequences

Driverless vehicles
Sugar Tax
Cheap Whisky
Use it or Lose it Budgeting

[o] Counter-intuition

Classroom sizes
Impressing someone important to us
Motor Vehicle Fuel
Dropping lead and feathers

6. The Frustrating Influences on Common Sense.
[a] The rule of Law or the rule of Lawyers
[b] Commercial Questionable Practice
[c] Science, Global Warming and Climate Change
Climate Change Facts
Climate Change Evidence
Mediæval Warm Period - 9th to 13th Centuries
[d] Common Sense and Democracies

7. Common Sense solutions to common problems.
[a] The UK Television Licence fee
[b] Supermarket and Town Council car parks
[c] Income Taxes
[d] Foreign Aid
[e] Council Houses and Housing Benefit
[f] Property Rights
[g] Cheaper and secure Energy
[h] Trades Unions, Strikes and Common Sense
[i] Healthcare
[j] Benefits for all who fall on hard times
[k] Quasi-governmental organisations (Quangos)

8. Folk Wisdom, Sources and Applications

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