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Spiritual Healer [Dip. Sp.H.] There are many conditions which some people prefer to have treated by a Spiritual Healer. This course looks at the many therapeutic applications of harnessing someone’s spiritual power and helping them to use it to become whole again.
Part I An introduction. The soul based approach
Part II The Principles. The soul journey. The new healer. A way of being. Preparing sacred place
Part III The Soul Systems. The light body. Seven sacred steps. Sacred mind. The travelling structure
Part IV The Tools of Spiritual Healing. Sacred tools: breathing and relaxing. Visioning. Intuitive awareness. The sacred meeting
Part V Beyond the Healing Session. Working outside the healing session. Distant healing. Part VI The Celebrations. Sacred rituals. Sacred community. Intuitive awareness.
The sacred meeting

This course is available immediately for just £140

This course is available immediately for 2 instalments of £75

Wicca, Magic and Divination course

Introduction to Wicca, Brief history of Wicca. The Meanings of Life. Good, Evil and Karma. Main Annual Festivals. Other Festivals. Deities and Aspects of the Divine. Woden. Thunor/Thor, Frey and Freya, Tiw, Frigga, Oestra, Winter God, Sun and Moon, Arianrod, Cerridwen, The Dagda, The Morrigain, Brigit, Lugh, Cernunnos, Brigantia, . Choosing aspects of the Divine, Messenger and other spirits. Natural Magic. Magic and its applications. The four aspects of magic. Law of unintended consequences. Casting a safe spell . Consecration. Acknowledging the Divine . Harmony of purpose. Exorcism. Invocation. Evocation. Protection from magic. Casting simple spells. Symbolism in magic

This course is available immediately for just £75.

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